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I literally can’t thank you enough for all your help and expertise along the way. I never thought I would get to this point prior to meeting you.


Here’s all the final figures, in just under 11 months:


Total weight loss 7st2lb (6st10lb with you).


Chest: 48>34.5 (13.5 inches)

Waist: 47>29 (18 inches)

Hips: 52>36 (16 inches)


Dress size changed 5-6 sizes dependant on clothing.


BMI: 41.5 - 23.2


Confidence: probably like 30% to 85% :D.


I did a 1/2 marathon 3 years ago and told myself I would never do it again partly because it was a boring course so I didn’t enjoy it but also a big part was highly likely to be my fitness. However, I have signed up to the Brighton half at the end of Feb and I am surprisingly looking forward to it and enjoying the training. Something I never thought I’d do again!


I’ve attached some final progress pics as well. I would be happy for you to share my journey with your clients or if you wanted to use it to promote any new programmes you may do in the future.  I hope the house selling is going well and the move goes smoothly, I’m sure you’ll be hugely missed down here. 


A huge thank you once again.


Meghan Neale

Life is lighter. I am stronger and fitter than I have been for most of my adult life. 40 kilos less, a size 12 not 22. Of course, I have hastily reached those stats before during my 62 years, eating little, exercising more. 


Of course, I lived being scared of ‘putting it all back on’ and of course I did.

Now the course feels different. I have grown in confidence that I will stay in this lighter place because actually I find it much more comfortable. I love the food I eat, which is plentiful. I enjoy my wine. I love the walking, swimming and now Pilates and yoga. I can treat myself one day and get back to norm the next. If I stray too far, I know I can pull it back.

What has made the difference? Well, I have taken it slowly and this change for life journey has been expertly guided and supported by Nigel.  


From the outset, Nigel just ‘got it’, showing his understanding of the ‘weight issues’ from the inside out and quickly gained my trust. He has been on my team and at my side! He has helped me to understand myself better, to define my own goals and get there at my own pace in my own way. He has challenged me to keep focus and succeed, cajoling and nudging, patient, gentle, never colluding, never giving me a hard time, giving me great ideas, information and suggestion but not telling me what to do. 

Nigel is a gifted professional with GSOH! Big thank you and yes, I am going to go windsurfing!

Karen, London

As a Fitness Professional I am bombarded with offers to help me become a ‘Nutritionist’ and help my clients with weight problems and the like. You are probably also offered many options from so called Personal Trainers who will combine fitness sessions with weekly diets. Personally I heartily dislike Kale! I don’t care how good it is for me. I don’t want to eat Kale Kookies!


The balance of our gut, along with the emotional aspect of being human is so wonderfully interwoven. When it goes wrong or out of kilter then the scope of knowledge required is far more than you are going to get doing a course in a day or even by post (and yes those courses exist).


Personally I find this aberrant. To understand the complex needs of any human being is more than being a Nutritionist.  You need far more than that, you need a Nigel!


Nigel Denby has years of experience with his clinical training.  His particular interest in women’s health is much needed in these times of high stress that comes with modern living.

50 years ago women didn’t not have the pressures on them we have today. Along with that comes the instant results we seem to think we deserve because of the bombardment of information that comes into our life via all manner of electronics.


Nigel offers a calm and clear solution to helping everyone (men too I should add). Time taken to listen and most of all to join all the dots.  The pressures on GP’s and the NHS don’t always help those with long term conditions or to look closely at the whole person. Along with a great partnership with Gastroenterologist Consultant Jackie Prior, you have a perfect team to help you.

You could spend a fortune on useless solutions, detox kits, juicing etc. but honestly don’t waste your money. It’s far better spent wisely with someone who understands the both the physical and emotional aspects of dietary requirements and all that entails. That’s Nigel Denby. I don’t know anyone better qualified to help.

Karen Grinter

Northants Pilates

I have worked with Nigel for the last five years and have seen the great results he has managed to achieve with my patients. 


He is able to motivate and support people to make lifestyle changes and improve their health, fitness and confidence with sensible, tailored advice. 


Nigel is professional and knowledgeable and provides only evidence based guidance to help his patients reach their goals. The feedback has been always very positive and he has been able to help many.


Dr Susan Rankine GP

Victoria Medical Centre

Today I received the results of my annual diabetes check up and I just wanted to share the good news with you:

Thanks to your help and support through the ups and downs of trying to change my lifestyle and eating habits I have managed to reduce my blood sugars from 50 ( so just above the threshold for being classed as diabetic) to 42. I could not have been more thrilled with the results. Thank you so much for coaching me through the ups and downs of last year. The hard work, blood, sweat and tears has paid off. And it has shown me that I am on the right path. Objective for the next 12 months is to firmly ingrain the 10,000 step target in my day to day routine ( as I am not quite there yet on a weekday – I manage at least 6,000 but still find 10,000 a challenge – can only manage those on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and to continue losing wait. I would love to get my blood sugars to below 40 which would move me from being pre-diabetic to having diabetes in remission.

Thanks again


Ulrike Schroeter

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